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Improve Meeting Management with Microsoft Teams 🖥

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Improve Meeting Management with Microsoft Teams 🖥
With the uncertainty of Covid-19, being able to communicate virtual is vital for all businesses. Here are a few Microsoft Teams tips focused on making your online meetings a bit better:
1. Control who joins and when – Microsoft teams has a Meeting Lobby so that you can manually control join-in and call initiation. Let’s say that you are waiting for a specific person to arrive before the meeting can start. Instead of staring ideally at the screen, you can now set “bypass the lobby” for your meeting details to “only me” for advanced controls.
2. Meet directly from your calendar – Why limit yourself to highly formal meetings? Microsoft Teams makes it easy to connect with a group of colleagues at short notice, perfect for a quick brainstorming session. From the calendar, choose the Meet Now option (next to the New Meeting button) to get started.
2. Turn on subtitles – Subtitles or captions can be extremely useful when you are meeting in a noisy environment. With subtitles, you stay on mute and follow the conversation closely. Go to Meeting Controls, and from the More Options button turn on Live Captions.





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