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Save 30% or more on toner.

Advanced Digital can give you a unique program that offers supplies at a price that the box stores like "Staples" or "Office Depot" can not compete with.

Value of Advanced Ink Subscription (AIS)?

  • Competitive pricing on all toners, typical savings is 30% or more.
  • Avoid price increases by locking in a price up to five years.
  • Automatic supplies replenishment ensures your organization will not run out of toner again.
  • Access free volume reports to gain insight on your organization's print habits.
  • Free level triage service is included.

If you’re looking for ways to better manage business expenses, one area to examine is the costs revolving around your printers. One major factor that many businesspeople overlook is the annual expense of their toner–and how that expense is greatly impacted by the amount of toner coverage their printing requires.

In fact, whether you realize it or not, the amount of toner your business consumes in a year can seriously make a dent on your bottom line. The good news is that you can come to better understand the ways toner coverage depletes your cartridges, and then you can make adjustments that could potentially save you up to 30% per month in toner costs.

Let’s “cover” this issue in a little more detail:

Think of toner like gasoline. The more ground you cover, the more gasoline your car consumes. The same can be said for your toner cartridge. The more coverage it is required to meet, the shorter its lifespan.

It’s important to get an accurate estimation of toner coverage so that your toner cost doesn’t start eating into your profits. If your company produces a lot of documents with text and graphics, then you could be using upwards of 5-10% more toner coverage on your business documents.

To decrease your toner coverage and boost your bottom line, there are three areas to consider:

Be in the know.

When you have accurate facts about how many printers are on your network and how much printing and toner coverage is being required, you will be in much better position to keep your toner usage in check. Having the accurate toner coverage needed for each type of document you print; you can keep better track.

Special color considerations.

If you print a lot of color documents or presentations, be considerate of the backgrounds. Obviously, color requires more toner coverage, so not having a dark blue background on your PowerPoint slides might be a smarter way to go.

Implement rules-based printing.

If your company doesn’t have rules in place for printing, then you may have employees using up more of your toner than you might know. Also, make rules about when to discharge a toner cartridge. To save the most money, it’s good to run the cartridge until it’s dry.

Save 30% or more on toner. Email or call us today.

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