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Business Technology

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When a business uses its technology the correct way, it naturally has positive effects on the business. That’s not to say that technology is a major priority for EVERY business. There are some business owners that don’t prioritize having the newest, shiniest technology on the market; and, that’s fine, if the business functions efficiently.
For the business owner whose business is using old technology, it may be difficult to commit financial resources to a full-blown upgrade of your systems. We understand that all businesses are different. But the use of the correct technology can be the key to enhancing productivity. We have created this simple five question quiz designed to get business owners thinking about where their organization’s technology is, and what technology their business needs.
1. What technology do we use?
2. What business problems do we expect technology to fix?
3. Do we have the expertise to manage this technology?
4. How long have we been using this technology?
5. Where do we store our data?





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