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5 Tips To Make Your Day More Productive 🔋

1.Start Your Day Early - ⏰

Your morning routine determines how you are going to perform later in the day.

2. Limit Your Time on Social Media - ⏱

Social media can often fuel the feelings of inadequacy, making you cranky at the beginning of the day. Instead, you can focus more on meditation, yoga, exercise, or listen to a song.

3. Take Small Breaks - ⌛️

The agenda of taking small breaks is to energize your brain to boost productivity.

4. Stop Multitasking- 📚

Multitasking dilutes our focus and responsiveness so even the normal tasks become much harder and take longer than usual to complete.

5. Prioritize Your Next Day Before - ➡️

One of the biggest productivity killers is to start a day with no clear idea about what needs to be done.





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