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Cloud Storage - Business Tip Tuesday

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Even in 2021, many are still getting used to storing their personal data in the cloud. It's easy to not think about saving your precious documents and photos in safe place until your computer is stolen or your hard drive breaks. And by then, it's too late. The reassurance of having your files backed up in case of emergency is an obvious plus of using a service like Dropbox.

Here are some of our tips to using Dropbox:

  1. Maximize the free space Dropbox gives you
  2. Enable two-step verification to protect your account
  3. Use Selective Sync to control which folders sync across devices
  4. Recover old or deleted files
  5. Sort by file kind, size, and who you’ve shared with
  6. Add passwords and expiration dates to your shared links
There are many advantages using Cloud storage for your business’s files. Learn more about cloud storage:





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