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How To Preform Office Equipment Maintenance

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It's not one person's job to perform office equipment maintenance. As a department team, all of your employees should share the job of keeping the copier in shape. Share these three tips with everyone in the office for the next time some TLC is in order. 🗣
Weekday Warm-Up
Have you ever noticed how the copier takes a while to wake up on Monday? When you leave for the weekend, your machine calls it quits too. After a break, do a couple of test prints to let the machine warm up again when you arrive at the office.
Change Out Supplies
One way for employees to contribute to office equipment maintenance tasks is to ensure the copier is always stocked up with supplies. This includes paper, ink, and toner. Consider assigning a team member the job of performing regular inventory checks, so there will never be any shortages.
Clean the Machine
Office equipment maintenance doesn't have to be complicated. An essential (and simple) maintenance step is to clean the copier regularly. When dust starts to build upon the machine's exterior, wipe it away, so it doesn't fall into the creases of the copier. Also, wipe off paper trays, entry and exit areas. Clear the glass where scans and copies are made. Otherwise, debris can show up on documents.





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