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Spring Is Here - Digital Cleaning Tips

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Spring signifies growth and new beginnings. Get excited to leave the Illinois snow and bitter cold of winter behind, and gear up for warmer days, and fresh flowers. With spring, comes energy and it is the perfect time to put an emphasis on cleaning and freshening up your business.

Not only do we need to clean off your desk, but we also need to emphasize “Digital Cleaning”. We live in a rapid digital world and it is easy to let files gather dust on your desktop. Here are a few ways our employees at Advanced Digital do while spring cleaning our technology.

  • Clean up and create digital folders.

When was the last time you went through your folders and saw what was hiding in there? Try to use an organization system. Every topic or project, create a digital folder and put each file in that folder. This will help finding documents and you will not waste time searching for document ever again.
  • Declutter your inbox.

There’s a good chance your inbox is full of a bunch of things you do not need, or something important may be hidden because you have so many emails. Try to create folders to store emails, either based on who sent them, or if it’s related to a specific project and then delete what you don’t need.

  • Backing up Documents.

It is simple to save your documents to your desktop and forget to back up your important files, but if your computer decided to be on the fritz, would you risk losing all your files? Back-up your documents using OneDrive or Google Drive and never worry about losing your documents.

We are excited for the Spring, are you?





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