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It isn’t cheap to operate in today’s business market. Business owners are always looking to cut down operating costs so more can be invested into the product or service they offer. It’s essential that all operations are accounted for, so the most cost-effective practice is being implemented.

An excellent way to save money is by investing in a pre-owned equipment. Most of these machines are of the same quality as new products, because they have been restored to meet factory standards.

1. Save Money

One might assume that buying a pre-owned printer would cost less than new, but they might not realize how much they’d save. Purchasing a refurbished machine could lead to major savings. Buying preowned equipment can save your business money, especially if you are purchasing multiple machines.

2. Eco Friendly

Buying a preowned printer keeps a pre-owned printer from ending up in another landfill. Electrical waste is a significant contributor to ecological problems around the world, and buying refurbished equipment is a tangible way for your business to lessen our societies impact on the environment.

3. Reliable Equipment

When a printer is pre-owned, there are numerous tests the device will go through to guarantee it’s functioning. Tests will be done to make sure the software is restored, cartridges are new, high-ware parts are replaced, and chassis are cleaned.

The device is then run through a variety of tests by a technician before it is offered for sale.

4. 100% Performance Guaranteed

Advanced Digital's pre-owned copiers come with a 100% Performance Guarantee. We also offer service and support contracts to make sure your printer is well maintained and most supplies are part of the contract! 

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