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Which Copier is the Best for a Small Office?

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The copier that will work best for your organization depends on the size of your company.; the larger the company, the larger the device. So, which copier is the best for a small office?
Small offices usually don’t require quite as many features or capabilities as larger offices; however, just because your office can get by with a simple machine doesn’t mean that you have to.
Don’t sacrifice quality features just because your office doesn’t require them. Many of the features that come with a multifunction copier or wireless printer will help increase your productivity and help you to work more efficiently. Here are some MFP features that can help boost productivity in a small office:
Scan to the cloud: Being able to scan straight to your cloud document management system or email can save immeasurable time.
Wireless printing: Print from your mobile devices; no need to transfer documents between devices to print within the office.
Remote support: Your multifunction printer is enabled for remote support, so everything gets back up and running faster when issues arise.
You don’t have to sacrifice quality, function, or features when shopping for a copier for your small office.





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